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Looking and feeling our best has become a fundamental part of our daily lives. With such busy schedules, living with embarrassing hair, razor bumps, and irritation can be painful and time consuming. When you walk into WaxMe, you’re not only embarking to have smooth, clean, beautiful skin-you’re making a decision to change your life. Waxing can seem embarrassing and intimidating especially to those who’ve had terrible waxing experiences in the past- it is understandable to feel uneasy at giving it another try.  Choosing an Esthetician that has created waxing as their specialty is not only important, it's extremely vital. At WaxMe you can rest assured your worries will be put at ease –your comfort, privacy, and safety are always a top priority.


No longer will you have to bear the pain of strip waxing! Only the highest quality of hard wax on the market is used on ALL areas of the body. After visiting WaxMe, you will be ready to ditch your razor and enjoy smooth skin all year long!

We follow strict hygienic measures and never double-dip or recycle wax. 

Desiree Aviles- Esthetician/Owner

About your Esthetician

Desiree gained a great wealth of knowledge while working side-by-side with a notable Dermatologist in Central Florida. It was shortly after becoming an Esthetician that she discovered a special interest in Waxing. That interest quickly turned into passion when she started to work for a popular waxing studio in Orlando, FL. She is now able to implement the knowledge and skills she has attained throughout the years to meet each and every client's special needs.

Desiree has natural gift for putting people at ease. From her particular breathing techniques, to the relaxing ambiance of the treatment room, her goal is to provide a comfortable, discreet, and efficient waxing experience for both Men and Women.

"Brazilian Waxing is my specialty! Being that it's such an intimate service, I understand the importance of comfort between guest and technician. It is very important I establish a relationship with each and every one of my guests. At WaxMe you can rest assured you will always feel comfortable and relaxed." -Desiree 

WaxMe - From an idea to a Dream come true!

Curious to learn how WaxMe was born? Check out the latest video where I describe what it took for my business to hit the ground running with the help of FSBDC.

“It has been great working with the FSBDC. If I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t be here."


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