Do’s and Don’ts After Your First Brazilian Wax

 Do’s and Don’ts After Your First Brazilian Wax

When it comes to your first Brazilian wax, it’s perfectly natural to be worried. Many people are nervous when they schedule their first Brazilian waxing Orlando appointment, so you aren’t the only one wondering what you should and shouldn’t do.

Brazilian waxes can be uncomfortable the first time, but there are some things you can do after your appointment to help soothe your skin and make the aftercare go smoother.

Do’s and Don’ts After Your First Brazilian Wax

Do: Prevent Ingrown Hairs

With Brazilian wax, you’re much less likely to get ingrown hairs. However, you will need to do some work to help prevent them even after a Brazilian. You can apply a cold compress after your session to close up pores and reduce the risk of bacteria and infected hair follicles.

Also, use a safe exfoliant and a moisturizer to keep your skin happy. Here at WaxMe, we have scrubs and moisturizers for sale at our salon if you don’t have any, so be sure to ask our waxing specialists!

Don’t: Go to the Gym

Right after your appointment, steer clear of the gym. Working out right after your Brazilian can lead to red, irritated skin as sweat and friction work against you. In addition, your freshly waxed skin will be even more sensitive than usual, so either go before your appointment or skip a day.

Do: Toss Your Razor

While you may be tempted to shave between waxes, don’t. Waxing results in thinner, softer hair regrowth, while shaving will lead to thick, coarse regrowth. Not to mention that your second appointment will work best if you have about a quarter of an inch of regrowth for the wax to stick to. 

Don’t: Go Swimming

Whether you swim in a pool, the lake, or the ocean, don’t dive back in for at least a few days after your wax. Swimming areas tend to have a lot of bacteria and germs no matter where you go. This can result in an increased risk of infection, even if your appointment was a day ago. It will take at least two or three days before you’re safe to hit up your favorite swimming hole.

Do: Stay Out of the Sun

After a fresh wax, your skin is super sensitive. Even if you lather up on sunscreen, it won’t be able to handle direct sunlight for a while. In addition, your skin is more prone to sun damage and hyperpigmentation right after a wax, so wait up to 48 hours before you throw on your bikini and spend the day at the beach.

Don’t: Over Exfoliate

It’s important to exfoliate the area but do so gently. Waxing removes hair and the topmost layer of skin, so the area will be sensitive for a while. When you exfoliate, make sure to do so gently so that you aren’t scrubbing off more skin layers and preventing your body from healing.

Do: Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing will only irritate your skin, so aim for loose-fitting materials for the first day or two after your wax. Loose clothing won’t cause as much friction on your skin and will help it heal quicker.

Don’t: Have Sex Right After

You can have sex a few days after your appointment, but don’t do so immediately following it. If you do, you’ll be met with irritation and redness, not to mention that friction can cause bumps and ingrown hairs. After your appointment, wait a few days before having sex again, or you’ll be left with a very, very sensitive and irritated area.


Your first Brazilian wax will be uncomfortable, and you’ll likely notice it for a while afterward. However, when you come in for your second appointment, the pain will be much less as your hair will grow back thinner and softer, making it easier to remove. The tips above will help you alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with a first Brazilian and help you get the best results.