How to pick the right waxing studio

How to Pick the Right Waxing Studio

Despite the wariness that some people have about waxing, many people visit Orlando waxing studios every day. Men and women alike rely on waxing services, and although you may be nervous about your first visit, it’s a very safe, professional procedure.

When looking for a waxing studio, there are several things to keep in mind. After all, you need a studio that you can depend upon and feel very comfortable going to. If not, your waxing experience will not only be miserable, but it could be unsafe too.

To pick the right waxing studio, here are some things to look for:

How to Pick The Right Waxing Studio

Positive Customer Reviews

Any studio worth checking out will have plenty of reviews. Google, Yahoo, and Yelp are some of the most common platforms to find reviews, though many waxing studios also post reviews on their website.

Before you make an appointment, make sure to read through the posted reviews to see if the studio has happy, loyal customers or if there seems to be a recurring problem throughout the comments. This will give you the best idea of what the studio will be like before you go.


Good, trustworthy estheticians have the proper licensing for the state that they work in. Look around online to see if you can find the studio’s license as well as the licensing information and certifications of their staff.

Never schedule an appointment with an esthetician that isn’t licensed. There’s a higher risk that things will go wrong, and if they do, the person you visited likely won’t have the insurance to cover it.

Strict Hygiene Practices

To prevent infection and ensure safe, healthy waxing, it’s important that a studio has strict hygiene practices that they follow. You want to ensure that they sterilize all their equipment and that the products they use are safe for the skin. Everything from their tools to the floor should feel clean; if it doesn’t, you might want to rethink your appointment.

If a studio doesn’t feel clean when you walk it, it isn’t worth the risk. Waxing studios that are safe and hygienic will make sure that their studio looks clean and professional. You shouldn’t have to wonder if they have wiped down the room.

When it comes to the most important things to look for in a waxing studio, this is perhaps number one. Hygiene is vital to your health, and the last thing you want is to get a rash or infection from dirty equipment.

Experienced, Caring Staff

Most people aren’t jumping for joy when they go to their first waxing appointment, but it is possible to make the experience more enjoyable. When the waxing staff is gentle and caring, you’ll feel more at ease and are more likely to have a good experience. If they’re rough or disinterested, then you’ll probably feel uncomfortable.

An important part of the waxing experience lies in the staff. The best studios will have specialists who are not only certified and skilled but also care about you and your comfort. They’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the waxing appointment.


There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect waxing studio, but at the end of the day, the right waxing studio is unique for each person. Don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find the right waxing studio that makes your waxing journey that much more comfortable. At WaxMe, we strive to be that ideal waxing studio for you, so call us today and give our waxing services a try!