Frame your face with Eyebrow waxing!

Let your natural beauty shine and experience a refined custom look perfect for you! At Wax Me Studio, you can enjoy our full range of waxing services including Brazilian waxing, eyebrow waxing, and more. Shape your eyebrows and accentuate your natural features with our expert waxologists, who will work closely with you to understand the look you want to achieve. Whether you want to save time plucking your brows daily or want to define your sparse or thick brows, you can rely on our waxing service to help you achieve your beauty goals!

Eyebrow wax


When an eyebrow wax is done correctly, they can create much needed structure and balance to the face. Whether your brows need a cleanup or a little TLC, our trained waxologists are here to help you.


Looking for an eyebrow makeover?
Our Orlando wax salon eyebrow waxologists work with you to decide which brow shape and tint works best for your face. Go from sparse hairs to full, natural looking brows in just a few minutes! This service includes eyebrow wax, trim, and eyebrow tinting.

To prep for the appointment:

  • Let your eyebrow hairs grow out.
  • Discontinue the use of Retinol, AHA’S, BHA’S, Glycolic or any skin peeling products 1 week prior to the appointment.
  • Arrive make-up free.

For BEST eyebrow tinting results, avoid wetting your eyebrows for 24-48 hours after tinting.

Eyebrow wax
Eyebrow wax


Let’s face it, no one likes to walk out of a brow wax with redness on their face! That’s why we have created this service just for YOU! This service includes an Eyebrow wax-shaping if needed, a cooling Jelly Mask application, and a cold globe massage to the eyebrows, forehead, and cheeks. If you have sparse or light hairs, you can add an eyebrow tint. Pamper yourself with this service!
Benefits of Eyebrow Waxing
Many people resort to plucking or shaving their eyebrows, but these methods are much less effective than waxing. In fact, they can cause damage to your skin and hair follicles while increasing the risk of infection. Here’s how eyebrow waxing is better than shaving or plucking:

Less Irritation: With waxing, your skin won’t feel as irritated as shaving or plucking. Waxing is actually very gentle, and our waxologists know how to work quickly and efficiently to reduce any discomfort.

Lasting Results: When you wax your brows, the hair actually takes longer to grow back. You won’t have to wax as often as plucking or shaving your brows. This makes waxing a low-maintenance hair removal method that you can do once every few weeks. Additionally, when you choose to wax your brows, hair regrowth tends to be thinner. When you wax regularly, you may even find that there’s lesser hair growth over time

Lesser Chance of Ingrown Hair or Cuts: With shaving or plucking, ingrown hair and accidental nicks and cuts are common. Thankfully, waxing is a safe method of hair removal that doesn’t require your skin to come into contact with any sharp or dangerous objects.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s normal to experience some mild but tolerable discomfort during the process. If it’s your first time, you should also expect it to be more uncomfortable too. Generally, though, the more you wax your brows, the less it will hurt since the consistent waxing will weaken your hair follicles eventually. You can also rest assured that our highly trained and experienced waxologists know just how to work quickly and efficiently so the waxing process will be as pain-free as possible.
It depends on your own hair growth as well as your preference. As a general guideline, many people often wax their brows every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain their preferred brow shape. It’s not recommended to wax your brows too soon either. If you do, there won’t be adequate time for your brow hairs to grow to a reasonable length so they can be waxed effectively. If your brow hairs are too short, it’s also more challenging to style them properly.
It’s normal to see some redness or slight inflammation right after your session. We will apply a soothing lotion to help to bring some relief and you can expect the redness to go away after around 30 minutes.